• St. Angel's School, Sec-70A, (Gurugram)

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School Motto

To empower and ignite our young aspirants with the knowledge for creative learning through which they can be groomed intellectually, emotionally, culturally, socially, physically, morally and above all spiritually, which will further help them discover the vitality in themselves to attain self actualization. We have a dream to make education completely technology driven where the role of the teacher is of a mentor and a facilitator rather than that of a mundane teacher-student relationship, thereby, making learning more meaningful, interesting and absorbing.

The path of glorious accomplishments lies in bringing forth the leadership quality in every student as every student has unique inherent potential that seeks to be unfolded in the formative years of learning. This is possible by inculcating and instilling in the young minds the determination, the dedication and the desire to scale the formidable heights of success.