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20 Dec

St. Angel's International School, Sec-70A, (Gurugram).



Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Chairman & Secretary

The patriarch and founder of the school is a simple hearted man who believes in 'simple living and high thinking'. He has an ardent passion for uplifting and enlightening the society by bearing the torch of education and illuminating the souls of many by fulfilling the commitment of quality education.

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Seema Bhardwaj

Chair Lady & Academic Advisor

Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj, an erudite scholar, a meritorious and distinction holder all throughtout her academic career with B.com (Hons.),is a charismatic and a dynamic lady whose very presence is very captivating and electrifying to motivate people around her.

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Angel Bhardwaj


A highly intellectual and self motivated youth icon of ours, passionately believes in bringing forth the leadership quality in students and strongly believes that one should be his own role model first so that nobody dares to challenge ones integrity.

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Neera Sirohi

Head Mistress

An accomplished educationist having to her credit a post graduate degree in political science, and also a law graduate, is indeed a dynamic lady with a vast experience who has a vision to take the school to the lofty heights.

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